Small Groups Kick Off Next Week!

Since we are not yet set up for our Sunday Worship Gathering, we’d like to take a minute to tell you about our Small Group program, which kicks off next week.

At Grace & Truth Community Church, it is our hope that everyone will attend not just the Sunday service, but also one of our Small Groups. There is something incredibly special about God’s people gathering together to worship as a large group, but we feel that what happens when we gather in small groups is equally as special and important. There is a level of community, prayer, and study found in a small group that just can’t be duplicated in the large gathering. Additionally, all of our activities (service projects, Sunday morning volunteers, etc…) will be run through these Groups.

Our plan is each year to run the Small Groups for three sessions of three months each: Session 1-September-November, Session 2-January-March, and Session 3-April-June; we will meet as people are available during December and throughout the summer. Within each Session, we will meet together for Bible study three weeks, and participate in a service project or other activity on the fourth week. The Groups will meet at the same time and location each week, while the meeting for the “fourth week” activity will be flexible. Since we’re getting a late start, Session 1 will be running from the first week in October through the last week in November, with most of the “fourth week” activities starting in Session 2.

Currently we have openings in all three of our groups:

Leader: Pastor Jason Chaillou
When: Tuesday at 7PM
Where: Abingdon
Contact: or 410-236-4151
Starting: Tuesday, September 30

Leaders: Jordan Dennis and Jackie Fanelli
When: Thursday at 7PM (Join us as early as 6 for dinner!)
Where: Aberdeen
Contact: or 908-347-7251
Starting: Thursday, October 2

Leaders: Andrew and Danielle Steigauf
When: Friday at 7PM
Where: Conowingo
Contact: or 443-504-2812
Starting: Thursday, October 3

For this year, all of our groups will be working from the book “Multiply” by Francis Chan and Mark Beuving. The book is subtitled “Disciples Making Disciples” and is meant not just to be read, but to be taught to others. It is readily available from any book retailer (we frequently post on our Facebook page if we find it on sale), or can be downloaded chapter by chapter for free (yes, free!) from

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact Pastor Jason or any of the group leaders!

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