New Sermon Series!

Empowered to Pray

Lately I’ve been feeling that there must be something I’m missing when it comes to prayer.  I pray regularly, and yes, we’re seeing answers to some of our prayers, but it seems like there should be more.  Prayer is regularly listed as the most important part of a Christian’s life, as well as any church’s life.  In seeking answers to this I went through my bookshelf and pulled out a book that I had ordered from the Back to the Bible radio broadcast sometime in the late ‘90’s, “Empowered to Pray” by Dr. Woodrow Kroll.  Apparently, I hadn’t read much of the book, or at least hadn’t applied its knowledge!  It’s time to fix that mistake, and to share that knowledge with all of you.

Starting July 2, our summer sermon series is going to be entitled, “Empowered to Pray.”  We’ll be looking at ten great prayers from the Bible, learning how to prepare to pray, what to pray, and most importantly, how to pray.  This might be the most practical sermon series I’ve ever put together, and I’m so excited to share with you all that God has been teaching me through this book! -Pastor Jay


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