Our Third Anniversary?!

Yesterday our church, Grace and Truth Community Church, celebrated its 3rd Anniversary!  You may or may not know this, but church planting is hard work, and there were many times when we weren’t sure that we were going to make it.  But, by God’s grace, we have, and so we celebrated with good food and good fellowship!  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be the pastor of this amazing group of people, and it was great to be able to relax and enjoy everyone’s company.

As I said before, it’s by God’s grace that our church exists.  He gave us this idea quite some time ago, and walked us through the stages of dreaming, planning, and executing.  He has supported and sustained us in every conceivable way.  When we opened our doors in November 2014, we didn’t have enough money each week to pay our bills, but by God’s grace, we always have.  When we needed a location to meet for Sunday worship, He paved the way for William S. James Elementary School to be available each week.  When we needed a new location this past summer, He provided the New Life Community Center.  We’ve seen healings, births, weddings, and funerals, all signs of His grace.  God has been so good to us as a church, and we’ll continue to share His goodness with anyone who will listen for as long as He asks us to!

But I don’t want to shortchange the people who have given so much of their love, time, money, and effort to make this dream a reality.  I’d like to list everyone that I can think of who has been a part of our work: current members, past members, supporters who have never darkened our doors, those from our denomination, and those from other churches who have supported and/or encouraged us.  If I’ve forgotten anyone, I’m genuinely sorry.  So here we go, in no particular order:  Kevin Quantmeyer, Howard Olver, Craig McLaughlin, Adam Smith, Alan Gorman, Ryan Arist, Greg and Lindsay Johnson, Stu and Bev Ruzi, Jordan and Jackie Dennis, Mike Brant, Lucas and Starr Walther, Dave and Dawn Harvey, Bill and Donna Peck, Sue and Brian Ward, Danielle and Andrew Steigauf, Paul and Gretchen Lilley, Christina Adams, Chris and Julia Dather, Will and Dawn Chaillou, Charles and Shirley Skiles, John and Courtney Thompson, Chris Ward, Crystal and Brad Westemeyer, Stacy and Mark Matassa, Roy Hamilton, Angie Mancinelli, Heather Little, Drew Dillon, Kevin and Gilly McNamara, Howard Magness, Alix Chaillou, Brenden and Ashley Bichy, Laura and Mike Pruett, Clayton and Nicky Barthel, Jaysen and Stephanie Santiago, Colin Daniel, Taylor Lorenzo, Lorene Jones, John and Genevieve Havran, Ben Richardson, Kathleen Hobbs, Tess and Josh Chaillou, Willie Kirchhofer, and Susan Gonzalez.  Thank you all for every kind word, minute, penny, and ounce of sweat you have given to this work!

God Bless,
Pastor Jason Chaillou

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