Away From Me, Satan!

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Our sermon this Sunday is called, “Away from Me, Satan!” and will continue our discussion of sin from last week.  This time we’ll be looking at spiritual and practical ways to resist Satan’s temptations to sin.  Every Christian is tempted (constantly, if we’re being honest) and I believe there will be something useful for everyone in this message, so don’t miss it!

This Sunday is the Bel Air Festival for the Arts, which poses some parking/traffic challenges for our worship service.  The map below shows Shamrock Park (where the Festival is held) and the arrow show they ways you can and can’t take to get to the church.  Both Lee Way and E. Pennsylvania Ave. coming from Hickory Ave. will be closed to traffic, so you’ll have to come in on Lee Way from the direction of Shamrock Rd. and Rt. 22.  Unless you want to pay $2.00 to park in the Parking Garage and walk to the church, you’ll need to park in our lot on Sunday.  We can park two cars deep as well as park in the half of the circle closest to the building.  We’ll try and have someone outside to help!  Also, it would probably be good to arrive as early as possible.


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