Moving Forward-Meeting Information

Here’s some material to guide our thoughts and discussions as we begin to discuss reopening the church to Sunday gatherings:

Faith-Based Recommendations

Faith-Based Recommendations (Document)

From the document: “The Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives convened a workgroup of faith-based leaders across the state representing a broad array of faiths and denominations to discuss the Governor’s vision for reopening the economy based on the criteria outlined in his plan, “Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery.””

24 Questions Your Church Must Answer Before Welcoming People Back

24 Questions (Document)

Not all of these questions apply to us, but they do a good job of helping us see the scope of the decisions we’ll need to be making as we begin re-opening.

Creating a Touchless Service

The church that created this video is much larger than ours, but the majority of the ideas presented here are still applicable to us.  Pay particular attention to their reasoning behind requiring all employees and volunteers to wear masks.

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